Author = zafaripour, tahereh
Evaluation Pattern of Test Taking Centers of National Exam

Volume 12, Issue 37, April 2022, Pages 98-115


reza mohammdi; zahra azizi; tahereh zafaripour

Analysis of the curriculum review process in the Iranian higher education system

Volume 11, Issue 33, April 2021, Pages 140-183


Tahereh Zafaripour; Mahboubeh Arefi; Koorosh Fathi Vajargah; Reza Mohammadi

Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Distance Learning: A review on Patterns and Processes

Volume 4, Issue 8, March 2015, Pages 95-137

Reza Mohamadi; Tahereh Zafaripoor; Fatemeh Sadeghi Mandi; Maryam Zamanifar