Author = Falsafinejad, MohamadReza
Identification of Optimal Equating Method in Multidimensional Tests

Volume 10, Issue 30, August 2020, Pages 217-264


Somayeh Bahmanabadi; Mohammadreza Falsafinejad; Ali Delavar; Noorali Farrokhi; Asghar Minaei

The Effects of Item Nonresponse on Psychometric Indexes: Evidence against Deletion Method

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 7-30

Alireza Khoshgooyanfard; Mohammadreza Falsafinejad; Noorali Farrokhi

Investigating comparability of Ability Parameter Estimation in Computerized Adaptive and Paper-Pencil Tests

Volume 6, Issue 14, October 2016, Pages 203-234

Negar Sharifi Yeganeh; MohamadReza Falsafinejad; Ali Delavar; NoorAli Farrokhi; Ehsan Jamali

Designing Optimal Item Pools for Computerized Adaptive Testing by Considering the Test Security

Volume 5, Issue 10, September 2015, Pages 133-178

Maryam Moghadasin; Mohammad Reza Falsafinejad; Ali Delavar; Ehsan Jamali; Noor Ali Farokhi