Author = Ali Moghadamzadeh
Equating and Linking Scores in National Exams

Volume 13, Issue 44, December 2023, Pages 111-132


Soleyman Zolfagharnasab; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Negar Sharifi Yeganeh

The Effect of the Anchor to Total Test Correlation on Equating Results: A Systematic Review

Volume 13, Issue 43, October 2023, Pages 7-27


Vahideh Asadi; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Keyvan Salehi

Pathology of Scholastic Aptitude Search in Iran (Systematic Review of Literature in the Last Three Decades)

Volume 12, Issue 39, October 2022, Pages 103-140


Mahmoud Zivari Rahman; Keyvan Salehi; Ebrahim Khodaie; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Rezvan Hakimzadeh

Dimensions and Levels Of Quality Culture in the Higher Education System: A Systematic Review

Volume 11, Issue 36, December 2021, Pages 29-53


Morteza Malmir; Keyvan Salehi; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Marzieh Dehghani

Psychometric Properties of the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire Short Form in University Students

Volume 5, Issue 12, July 2016, Pages 9-26

Gholamreza Dehshiri; Afzal Akbari Balootbangan; Mahmood Najafi; Ali Moghadamzadeh

Psychometric Properties of Effort-Reward Imbalance Questionnaire (ERIQ) among Teachers

Volume 5, Issue 11, December 2015, Pages 9-29

Ebrahim Aryani; Ali Khaleghkhah; Esa Ja,fari; Ali Moghadamzadeh