Author = Marziyeh Dehghani
Evaluating the Quality of Services of the Training Unit of Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company

Volume 12, Issue 40, December 2022, Pages 29-44


Mahnoosh Mahdi; Marziyeh Dehghani; Mohamad Javadipour; Omid Oshaghi

Identify factors, criteria, indicators and judgment tools for the performance of Community Learning Centers

Volume 12, Issue 37, April 2022, Pages 39-65


Mohadeseh Khattat; marziyeh dehghani; Narges Chegini; farzane tari; faroogh khakzad; farzaneh askary; noshin moradi

Dimensions and Levels Of Quality Culture in the Higher Education System: A Systematic Review

Volume 11, Issue 36, December 2021, Pages 29-53


Morteza Malmir; Keyvan Salehi; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Marzieh Dehghani