Call for article acceptance

Call for article acceptance
Remarkable esteemed professors, researchers and students

While thanking and appreciating your participation and cooperation, dear masters, you are invited to send your scientific articles in line with the topics of the quarterly "Educational Measurement and Evaluation Studies" for review and publication to the secretariat of the quarterly.

For more information, please refer to the following address
The topics of this quarterly are:

Assessment and measurement of higher education - Quality Assurance system in higher education - Evaluation and performance management of higher education system - Psychometrics and its applications in higher education - Evaluation of structures and systems of assessment - Tests of knowledge and skills, aptitude and competence - Development of information and communication technology In Assessment and Evaluation - Comparative Studies in the Field of Educational Assessment and Measurement - Higher Education Entrance Exams - Approaches and Methods in Educational Assessment and Evaluation - Career and Professional Tests - Principles and Theories in Assessment and Measurement - Research Methodology in Assessment and Evaluation - Measurement and measurement in practice (construction of scales and types of measurements)