Keywords = Quality assurance
Identification of Factors, Criteria and Indicators of Accreditation Iranian Theoretical High Schools

Volume 9, Issue 28, February 2020, Pages 189-232


Kaveh Mohammadi; Hamid Farhadi rad; Abollah Parsa; Yadollah Mehralizadeh

Identifying Factors Shaping Iranian Higher Education Quality Assurance: A Phenomenological Study

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 153-199

Roghayeh Beheshtirad; Mohammad Reza Ardalan; Maghsoud Farasatkhah

Designing a Quality Assurance Model for Entrepreneurial University in the Academic System of Iran

Volume 8, Issue 22, August 2018, Pages 227-263

Ali Akbar aminbeidokhti; Reza Mohammadi; Mohsen Rahimi

Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Voluntary or Mandatory Process?

Volume 6, Issue 14, October 2016, Pages 165-201

Reza Mohamadi; Maryam Zamanifar; Fatemeh Sadeghimandi

Designing a Quality Assurance Model for Educational Administration Training Course in Master of Arts (M.A)

Volume 5, Issue 12, July 2016, Pages 95-120

Gholamreza Shams Moorkani; Zahra Maarefvand

Analysis of Factors Affecting QA of Educational Administration by Using Shannon’s Entropy Technique

Volume 5, Issue 10, September 2015, Pages 31-60

Gholamreza Shams; Maghsoud Farasatkhah; Reza Mahdi; Zahra Maarefvand