Keywords = Curriculum
The Current state of Evaluation of Primary Education Curriculums

Volume 13, Issue 43, October 2023, Pages 139-156


Khairola Bameri; Hossain Momenimahmouei; Mehdi Zirak; Aliakbar Ajam

Presentation of Virtual Curriculum Implementation Pattern Based on the Participatory Learning Approach in Higher Education

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 117-152

Ali Enayati Novin Far; Farhad Seraji; Mahdi Gholamali

The Challenges of the Quality Evaluation of Virtual Education Curriculum: The Case of Shahid Beheshti University

Volume 7, Issue 18, August 2017, Pages 29-52

Hassan Roshani Ali bena see; Kourosh Fathi Vajargah; Abasalt Khorasani

The Conceptual Model of the Expected Competencies of Teacher-Students in Farhangiyan University according to Experts

Volume 7, Issue 18, August 2017, Pages 169-199

Pooran Khorooshi; Ahmad Reza Nasr Isfahany; Sayed Ebrahim Mirshahjafari; Nematollah Mosapour

The Description of Characteristics of the Desirable Evaluation of Language Teaching Curriculum in Elementary Education

Volume 7, Issue 17, May 2017, Pages 109-131

Ahmad Arabi Juneghani; Asghar Soltani; Keramat Esmi

Evaluation of the Curriculum of Hedyeh Asemaani in Qazvin Province, Iran, from Teachers’ Viewpoints (6th Grade Elementary School)

Volume 6, Issue 13, July 2016, Pages 11-32

Fatemeh Rajabpour Savari; Mahboobe Arefi; Mohsen Talebzadeh Nobarian

A comparative study of Educational Technology Graduate Programs in Some selected countries and Iran

Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages 155-184

Mohammad Rahmanpour; Mohammadjawad Liaghatdar; Fereydoon Sharifian

The Evaluation of Quality of E-Content Development Stages In Curriculum of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 3, November 2013, Pages 71-99

Mahvash Kazemi Ghareche; Maghsoud Amin Khandaghi; Hossein Jafari Sani

The Quality Evaluation of Educational Technology Curriculum

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2012, Pages 9-31

Eskandar Fathi Azar; Rahim Badri Gargari; Farahnaz Ghahremanzadeh