Assessment of academic qualifications of candidates in the Semi-Intensive Ph.D. Entrance exam (1391) based on the Graduating University

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Semi- centralized Ph.D. examination was held in 1391 in order to select the most talented candidates to study at the highest level of the higher education. The selection of candidates was done by equal combination of two scores: first was the score of the centralized test that was held by National Organization for Educational Testing (NOET) and the second score was the interviews score that were announced by the universities. The aim of this study is to investigate the scientific assessment of candidates and accepted ones in the semi- intensive PH.D. Entrance test based on the graduating university. Using the descriptive and inferential statistical methods, survey and analysis of data recorded in the database of NOET, as a statistical population, was implemented. The findings and results of this study on the basis of variables such as gender, the level of the degree of the accepted university, GPA of bachelor degree, GPA of master degree, test score and interview score in nine experimental groups were investigated. With this study, we found that public universities have a higher accepted percentage than any other universities and the most of their graduates are accepted in the public universities. In addition, the mean scores obtained by graduates of public universities in the PH.D. Test in the most of the experimental groups are higher than other universities.


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