Keywords: weighting, composite score, classical test theory, reliability coefficient, true score, measurement error, formula score Identification of the Perspective of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The main purpose of this study was to identify faculty members’ perspective about components of curriculum planning system of agricultural disciplinary in the current and desired situation. Research method was descriptive-survey and statistical population consisted of 158 faculty members that 112 of them were selected randomly as sample making use of Morgan Sampling table. Data has been collected by a questionnaire. Questionnaire reliability using Cronbach alpha for different parts are 0.71, 0.88, and 0.79. The result revealed that from the perspective of faculty members, to achieve a desirable situation “creating curriculum planning common groups to fit curriculum with the labor market needs” is a priority. Higher education administrators and faculty members have the greatest merit among others for participation in curriculum planning. Faculty members indicated "curriculum formulation based on scientific principles and procedures by the qualified authorities and experts” and “appropriateness of curriculum content with the progress and current conditions” as the two action plans to achieve the desirable situation. 


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