Represent of the lived experience of postgraduate students of education with respect to the change of major; a phenomenological study

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This study explores the lived experience of students who have changed their prior major and entrance to the postgraduate of educational science (different orientation). The research methodology was based on qualitative approach and phenomenological method and open interviews were used to collect data. The study population included all students who have experienced the change of major phenomenon (follow major) and are studying in educational science at Bu-Ali Hamadan University. Targeted sampling and saturation rule were used and 8 students selected as a sample. According to the findings 12 partial categories were extracted from the information provided by the participants that involved in the decision making of them to change the major. These categories generally can be classified in three factors including: economic factors, the characteristics of previous and current major, and the interests and personal characteristics. As well as students have used of various sources to learn about science education: students and professors of education, books, magazines, universities, educational institutions, and others. In general the results showed that students were satisfied from their choice to enter the major of education.