Exploring the psychometric characteristics of the questions of the medical and dental residency entrance exam in 2020 by item responses theory

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D student. Department of Curriculum Planning and Educational Methods, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 associate professor. Department of Curriculum Planning and Educational Methods, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Tehran، Tehran، Iran

3 Chaiman of research, development and education, National Center for Medical Education Assessment, Tehran, Iran



Objective: This study aims to investigate the quality of medical and dental residency programs entrance examinations based on questions' psychometric properties and item-response theory.
Methods: The research method is descriptive-analytical. The analyzed data includes all the participants' answers in the 2021 assistantship exam, which has been analyzed based on the item-response theory.
Results: Results show that dental and medical assistant exams are not satisfying regarding psychometric properties, but designers need to be more careful in formulating questions.
Conclusion: To increase the quality of residency entrance examination and observe the taxonomy of questions, designers must consider the parameter of diagnosis and difficulty of the question and the quality of deviant options, matching questions with each other and the subject of the relevant lesson increased.


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