Keywords = Reliability
Analyzing the Psychometric Characteristics of Self-directed Learning Scale among Students

Volume 9, Issue 25, May 2019, Pages 91-112


Fariborz Dortaj; Farahnaz Kianersi; Sedighe Nasiripoor; Nasrin Mojabi

The Effects of Item Nonresponse on Psychometric Indexes: Evidence against Deletion Method

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 7-30

Alireza Khoshgooyanfard; Mohammadreza Falsafinejad; Noorali Farrokhi

Examining the Validity and Reliability of Teachers’ Work Life Quality Measurement Tool

Volume 8, Issue 22, August 2018, Pages 51-77

Habibeh Najafi; Adel Zaheb babolan; Ali Khaleghkhah; Mahdi Moeinikia

Psychometric Properties of Wisdom Development Questionnaire in Students of Semnan University

Volume 7, Issue 17, May 2017, Pages 79-108

Zohre Jafari; Siavash Talepasand; Isaac Rahimian boogar

Studying the Reliability, Validity and Factor Analysis of Student Engagement Scale (Case study: Students of Karaj City)

Volume 6, Issue 16, February 2017, Pages 187-202

Mahmoud Ghasemi; Habib Amani; Mahsa Nazemi Moghadam

Psychometric Properties of the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire Short Form in University Students

Volume 5, Issue 12, July 2016, Pages 9-26

Gholamreza Dehshiri; Afzal Akbari Balootbangan; Mahmood Najafi; Ali Moghadamzadeh

Psychometric Characteristics of Persian Prescription of Discipline Self-efficacy Scale (DES) in Schools' Teachers

Volume 5, Issue 11, December 2015, Pages 161-178

Afzal Akbari Balootbangan; Masoumeh Khosravi; Emadedin Ahrari

Comparing the Methods of Assigning Optimum Weights to the Components of Composite Tests

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2012, Pages 49-68

Omidali Aghababaei; Ebrahim Khodaei; Sima Naghizadeh