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Exploring the Role of Tuition on Students' academic decisions: a meta-synthesis Study

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 23 September 2023


Abolghasem Naderi; Ebrahim Khodaei; Gholamreza Geraeinejad; Ahmad Keykha

Study of the Entrance Exam Elimination Process Based on Grounded Theory

Volume 12, Issue 40, December 2022, Pages 7-28


Somayeh Talebiyan; Ahmad Zandvanian; Mohsen Shakeri

Future analysis of the higher education social demand from a demographic perspective

Volume 12, Issue 38, July 2022, Pages 133-152


Seyedeh Zahra Kalantari Banadaki; Nader Moti Haghshenas

Dimensions and Levels Of Quality Culture in the Higher Education System: A Systematic Review

Volume 11, Issue 36, December 2021, Pages 29-53


Morteza Malmir; Keyvan Salehi; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Marzieh Dehghani

The Role of Educational Departments in Professional Development of Academic Members of Universities and Higher Education Institutions: A Mixed Approach

Volume 10, Issue 29, May 2020, Pages 167-203


Haneyeh Esmaeilei mahanei; Javad Porkaremei; Seyed Mohammad Mirkamalei; Ehsan Jamalei

Analysis of the Lived Experience of University Professors from Evaluating the Students' Learning Outputs

Volume 10, Issue 32, January 2020, Pages 77-137


Maryam Pakzad; Ali Akbar i Khosravi Babadi; Kambiz poushaneh; AliReza Assareh; Hamid Reza Rezazade

The Factor Analysis of the Academic Corruption Questionnaire in Iranian Higher Education

Volume 10, Issue 32, January 2020, Pages 139-158


Keostan Mohammadian Sharif; Jamal Salimi; Nematollah Azizi; Sherko Mohammadi; AliAkbar Amin Bedokhtei

Investigating the Components of Research Mentoring Functions among Ph.D. Students Focusing on Synthesis Research

Volume 9, Issue 25, May 2019, Pages 113-158


Ghasem Salimi; Nayyereh Hosseini; Rahmatullah Marzoughi; Jafar Torkzadeh; Mahdi Mohammadi

Designing the Learning Transfer System of Faculty Development Programs

Volume 8, Issue 24, February 2019, Pages 175-205

Abbas Abbaspour; Hamid Rahimian; Morteza Taheri; Mehdi Mobini

Identifying Factors Shaping Iranian Higher Education Quality Assurance: A Phenomenological Study

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 153-199

Roghayeh Beheshtirad; Mohammad Reza Ardalan; Maghsoud Farasatkhah

Investigating the Requirements for Financing and Diversifying the Financial Resources in Public Universities

Volume 7, Issue 19, November 2017, Pages 155-179

mehdi rabiei; samad izadi; ebrahim Salehi Omran; mohammad reza Ahanchian

Performance Evaluation: The Path to the Excellence in Higher Education (A Case Study)

Volume 6, Issue 16, February 2017, Pages 117-142

Mohammad Khademi Kolahlou; Mahbubeh Arefi; Gholamreza Shams Morkani

Internal Evaluation of Department of Statistics at University of Science and Culture

Volume 6, Issue 15, November 2016, Pages 65-98

Elham Bazyar; Reza Mohammadi

Evaluation of the Importance of the Generic Competencies Required for the Students’ Success in their academic and professional life

Volume 6, Issue 15, November 2016, Pages 167-197

Hanyeh Esmaeili Mahani; Hosein Motaharinejad; Mehdi Lesani

Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Voluntary or Mandatory Process?

Volume 6, Issue 14, October 2016, Pages 165-201

Reza Mohamadi; Maryam Zamanifar; Fatemeh Sadeghimandi

An Analysis of Student-Teacher Interaction in Iranian Electronic Higher Education System

Volume 6, Issue 13, July 2016, Pages 109-131

Mohammad Rahim Ja,farzadeh; Bahman Saeidipoor; Mohammadreza Sarmadi; Zohreh Esmaeili

Conceptualizing Scrap Learning and Strategies for its Reduction in Iranian Higher Education from Experts’ Perspectives in Higher Education

Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 9-33

Seyedeh Maryam Hosseini Largani; Kourosh Fathi Vajargah; Mahbobe Arefi; Kioumars Zarafshani