A Qualitative Analysis of Prospect Series and Vision 1 from Intercultural and Metacultural Communicative Competence Perspectives

Volume 8, Issue 21, May 2018, Pages 107-139

Hassan Soodmand Afshar; Nasser Ranjbar; Moslem yousefi; Nasrallah Afshar

The Effect of Social Capital and Social Responsibility on Organizational Commitment; Case Study: Staff of Razi University, Kermanshah

Volume 5, Issue 10, September 2015, Pages 109-132

Mohammad Reza Ardalan; Sirous Ghanbari; Roghaye Beheshti Rad; Parviz Navidi

An Analysis of Student-Teacher Interaction in Iranian Electronic Higher Education System

Volume 6, Issue 13, July 2016, Pages 109-131

Mohammad Rahim Ja,farzadeh; Bahman Saeidipoor; Mohammadreza Sarmadi; Zohreh Esmaeili

The Description of Characteristics of the Desirable Evaluation of Language Teaching Curriculum in Elementary Education

Volume 7, Issue 17, May 2017, Pages 109-131

Ahmad Arabi Juneghani; Asghar Soltani; Keramat Esmi

Evaluating the Current Status of Shahid Beheshti University based on the International Standard IWA 2:2007

Volume 4, Issue 7, December 2014, Pages 111-138

Ramin Najafi; Abasalt Khorasani; Reza Mohamadi

Investigating the Components of Research Mentoring Functions among Ph.D. Students Focusing on Synthesis Research

Volume 9, Issue 25, May 2019, Pages 113-158


Ghasem Salimi; Nayyereh Hosseini; Rahmatullah Marzoughi; Jafar Torkzadeh; Mahdi Mohammadi

Designing Appropriate Model of Quality Audit for Higher Education of Iran

Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2014, Pages 115-153

Reza Mohammadi; Mahboubeh Arefi; Abbas Bazargan; Fakhteh Eshaghi

Performance Evaluation: The Path to the Excellence in Higher Education (A Case Study)

Volume 6, Issue 16, February 2017, Pages 117-142

Mohammad Khademi Kolahlou; Mahbubeh Arefi; Gholamreza Shams Morkani

Presentation of Virtual Curriculum Implementation Pattern Based on the Participatory Learning Approach in Higher Education

Volume 8, Issue 23, November 2018, Pages 117-152

Ali Enayati Novin Far; Farhad Seraji; Mahdi Gholamali

The Study of the Influential Factors on the Rate of Reliability of Teacher Evaluation Results by Students: A Mixed Research

Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 129-152

Bijan Abdollahi; Farhad Farhadi Amjad; Farhad Ghadimi

Designing a Competency Model for Grade 2 High School Chemistry Teachers

Volume 9, Issue 27, November 2019, Pages 129-167


Esmail Olla; Nematolah Arshadi; Nematolah Mosapour; Gholam Reza Yadegarzadeh

The meta-analysis of the concept map-based tests validity

Volume 9, Issue 26, August 2019, Pages 135-164


Sadegh Sayadi; Javad Mesrabadi; Ramin Habibi Kaleibar; Abolfazl Farid

Meta-Analysis of Results about the Effectiveness of Meta-Cognitive Learning Strategies on Improvement of Academic Performance

Volume 4, Issue 8, March 2015, Pages 139-160

Javad Karimi Amoghain; Jalil Fath Abadi; Shahla Pakdaman; Omid Shokri

Validation of the Model of Professional Skills in Iranian English Teachers

Volume 12, Issue 39, October 2022, Pages 141-153


Motahareh Moeinvaziri; Shahram Afraz; Farhad Fahandezh

Designing a Framework for Performance Assessment in Student-Driven Research Centers Focusing on Exploratory Mixed Method

Volume 8, Issue 24, February 2019, Pages 145-174

Ja'far Torkzadeh; Mahdi Sadeghian Sorkei; Reza Aghili

Identifying Influential Factors and Measuring Student Satisfaction in Dormitory Services (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2012, Pages 111-125

Alireza Hadadian; Yaser Asmandoreh; Mohamad Hossein Homayounirad